Funding & Projects

Funding can really help your business grow. But to get the most from it in the long term, you need to get your business and processes into shape. We can show you how.

Funding and Projects

Our expert funding knowledge is second to none, and we have a successful track record of working with private sector businesses of all shapes and sizes, Economic Development Agencies, Local Authorities, Business & Enterprise Agencies, Universities and voluntary organisations.

With extensive experience of ERDF and other funding sources from the UK, Europe and beyond, we can help you integrate your funded project into your day to day workflow and overall business strategy – which could ensure your project survives long after the funding ends.

We can also advise you on how to access sources of funding, interpret funding documents and make sure you’re prepared for inspections and visits by your funding organisation. And because we know what’s expected when it comes to policies, approaches, criteria, compliance and regulations, we assess risk and can get to the heart of any funding issue very quickly.

Ultimately, it’s about helping you meet – and exceed – your funders’ expectations. And that puts you in a fantastic position when it comes to applying for more funding in the future, wherever you’re based in Europe.

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With clear insights in key business areas including strategy, performance, organisation, business development and funding, we get innovative results.
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"The needs of their clients are paramount to success and a common sense approach to problems and issues is Ascend Twentyone's forte."
- Manager, NE BIC

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