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Posted on February 20th, 2014

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Creating new ideas in today’s complex and changing business environment is more important than ever. It is vital for your company to create new ideas for its products, develop and refine its processes and tackle its strategic and operational challenges.

New ideas are great, but only if you turn those creative ideas into real, purposeful action. Creativity is only useful when it leads to innovation. It’s important for your management team to apply creative thinking in a way that achieves results for your company such as revenue growth, customer satisfaction or even an increase in your staff.

Ideas should be in line with your business strategy or those that can take it in a new, purposeful direction. Ideas are only useful when they provide real solutions for your company and its customers and staff. And you must be able to test them.

Brainstorming is a step toward innovation. However, it’s more important to execute and implement any new ideas created. Most companies do not practically use the output of these valuable exercises.

Here are some helpful ways for developing ideas and solving business problems.

1. Clearly define your issue
You need to clearly define the issue you are trying to resolve in your company. For example, what internal process are you trying to improve? What are you trying to achieve? Defining the issue and a focus on what you want helps you to work to achieve an actual outcome and result.

2. Use visual techniques
This helps you focus by visually mapping out the issues and then see where solutions can be found. Visual aids provide simple but effective tools in finding real solutions for your business.

3. Observe staff affected
By observing the individuals affected by an issue, it helps you get a feel for the extent of the issues and a deeper understanding of how best to resolve them. This will help to achieve a more effective solution for your company.

4. Seek external advice
Use of external expertise where needed will ensure that issues identified can be resolved effectively and the results will be long term.

5. Test your ideas
It is useful to test your ideas and scope out what you aim to learn from them. Remember, your ideas are only useful if they can be translated into real actions.

New ideas are only as good as the actions that are taken to execute and implement them. After all, it’s what makes your business stand out from the crowd.

We can help turn your new ideas into reality to ensure that your business stays ahead of its game. Talk to us. Get in touch today to find out how Ascend Twentyone can help your business.

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