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Six Tips for Business Excellence in 2013

Posted on January 24th, 2013

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What are your business plans for 2013? A new year provides the opportunity to take stock of your business’ goals and achievements over the last twelve months, and put new processes in place to take your business to the next level in the year to come. Focus on the following areas and you will be in a much better position for reaching your business targets.

1. Set goals, make plans and stick to them
A goal without a plan is just a dream. Set clear and realistic goals, develop achievable plans to support them, and stick to them in 2013. Remember that unrealistic goals are not goals at all – if you choose to pursue an unrealistic goal for your business, you will only end up feeling demotivated when you fail to achieve it. Make sure you can justify how you will attain the goal with a detailed plan to gain the confidence of your staff.

2. Make your goals compelling and achievable, but still challenging
Brilliant minds need a challenge. For the sake of your employees’ motivation and for the success of your business, it is imperative to create compelling goals – otherwise boredom will set in and your plan will fall to the wayside. State your goals clearly in writing so that every member of staff is on the same page and working with a common purpose in mind, and when you create your goals, you should aim to inspire your staff, making the most of their skills, talent and what they have to offer your company.

3. Manage your time and increase productivity
Productivity is essential to the success of any business. But many business owners make a big mistake by trying to pack too much work into a single day. In fact, productivity is all about getting the right things done, in time. Prioritise what needs to be done and assess what is most important versus what is most urgent and create timelines for business activities accordingly.

4. Focus on selling solutions
Focus your sale on the long term attitude of how it improves your customer’s business and not short term thinking about the money it brings in to your company. Whatever your business, product or service, present it as a solution to your prospective customers. Solutions move businesses forward and will win a customer’s interest resulting in a new business relationship.

5. Create a strategic focus with resources
Focus your resources and any investment monies you have on the highest priority and the most likely avenue to generate income. If you make the mistake of trying to be all things to all people, you will spread your resources too thinly and your business performance will not be as great. If your business has limited resources, this can be frustrating, but it shouldn’t prevent you from achieving your desired growth targets. By staying focused, using the resources you do have, and pulling the right strategic levers, you can overcome the shortage of investment monies.

6. Look after your customers or someone else will
When it comes to selling business-to-business, customers are less interested in price and more interested in other factors. These factors include your loyalty; remember customers are laying the reputation of their companies on the line by doing business with you. Therefore, they want you to represent their business interests and not just those of your company. How do you do this? Engage with them to provide the confidence and assurances that you are the right business for them. Make sure that your customers are a priority and make them feel important by being accessible.

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